Arbitration Services

arbitration services
“When will mankind be convinced and agree to settle their difficulties by arbitration?” Benjamin Franklin

Duff Law & Mediation, PLLC provides arbitration services.  Its principal, Candace Duff, is a Florida Supreme Court qualified arbitrator and a member of the American Arbitration Association’s Roster of Neutrals (Construction and Commercial Panels).

As a civil trial attorney, Ms. Duff is acutely aware that, in some cases, the costs of arbitration can approach that of litigation if the arbitrator allows discovery and other costs to spiral out of control.  She is also aware that some arbitrators have been perceived by litigants as “splitting the baby” in their decisions.  As a result, she believes in taking a proactive approach to managing the proceedings in a manner that suits the parties’ needs but does not allow costs to escalate unduly.  She is also a firm believer in making decisions based on the facts and evidence presented and not “splitting the baby” so to speak.

Ms. Duff’s fee for arbitration services is $400.00 per hour for study and hearing time, and $200.00 per hour of travel time.  She does not charge for travel time to Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach counties. A two hour daily cancellation fee ($800 for each day of scheduled arbitration) will be charged for proceedings cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice.

The scope of the arbitration services provided by Duff Law & Mediation, PLLC and the context in which we provide them is governed by the arbitration agreement as well as any subsequent agreements made by the parties.  We look forward to serving as your arbitrator.