“If we manage conflict constructively, we harness its energy for creativity and development.” – Kenneth Kaye

Duff Law & Mediation, PLLC provides mediation services throughout the State of Florida and nationwide.  Its principal, Candace Duff,  is a Florida Supreme Court certified Circuit Civil, Appellate, and Family Law mediator who specializes in commercial, construction, insurance, employment, bankruptcy (adversarial and mortgage modification cases), family, federal, appellate, tort, products liability, and real property mediation.

She is a member of the American Arbitration Association, FedArb and CPR’s  rosters of neutrals, and is a federally certified mediator appearing on the Middle District of Florida and the Southern District of Florida Bankruptcy Court’s mediation rosters.

Having successfully resolved numerous disputes through mediation and informal settlement negotiations, she is a firm believer in the cost effectiveness and other positive benefits of mediation. She believes that the role of a mediator is to facilitate discussions between the parties designed to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution to the pending dispute. Her approach is to help the parties focus on their interests (as opposed to their perceived legal posture) and figure out how to achieve them in a mutually agreeable manner.